Classes of Plants

There are many different system of classifying plants, from the standpoint of botanical relationships and stage of development. As viewed by the horticulturist, however, plants may be classified c cording to the relative of time that they require to couplet a cycle of growth.

Life Cycle of Plants
The life cycle of any plant is the entire process of growth that is involved from the germination of the seed to the prducation of a crop of seed by the new plants. The actual duration of this period is very variable, since some plants mature and produce seed much more quickly than others. Portulaca and some of the grasse finish the life cycle in a few weeks, while the Northen spy apple does not bear fruit and make seed until ten to fifteen years old.

The behavior of certain plants, from the standpoint of the life cycle, is quite different from that of other.One group of plants, known as monoclinic, produces only one crop of seed and then dies. in many of these plants the length of life many be prolonged by preventing them from flowering and producing seed. plants, which  may also be said to have completed their life cycle when they produce seed, do not die but continue to live  and produce seeds for many years.

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